Faster 2nd opinions

Our team of orthopedic surgeons work closely with over 60 physicians at our facility to deliver comprehensive and holistic care. We provide access to a range of specialists including rheumatologists, neurologists, general surgeons, and plastic surgeons. When a second opinion is needed, patients can easily access the care that they require on the same day or within the week. Our purpose is to ensure that your every need is met through a holistic healthcare delivery system.

Faster access to orthopedic surgeons

At our facility, we believe in quick and efficient access to specialists, essentially eliminating the wait time patients experience at most other healthcare establishments. We offer a team of three highly experienced orthopedic surgeons who are available each week. Patients can rest assured that they do not have to endure high wait times at our facility.

Additional lifestyle recommendations

We acknowledge the complexity of patients medical conditions that are often shaped by social determinants, lifestyle factors, and work and home environment. At our facility, our doctors focus on lifestyle modification to ensure that our patients take control of their own health. We focus on the patient as a whole-not just their symptoms

Potential to avoid surgery

At our facility, we believe in preventative care just as much as medical treatments. Medical conditions are managed early on by our specialists to prevent future, more severe conditions from arising. With our holistic team of doctors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists surgery may be avoided altogether, resulting in better outcomes for our patients.