Knee pain can be troublesome and can affect all types of individuals. It can limit or hinder the ability to perform daily tasks as simple as climbing stairs. Knee injuries can cause pain due to injured ligaments however, medical conditions such as arthritis, gout and various infections can result in pain in the knee joint as well.

Causes of knee pain

  • Arthritis - inflammation of the joints and more specifically osteoarthritis (OA) which is associated with wear and tear
  • Age- joint cartilage starts to break down in individuals over the age of 65, causing stiffness and pain.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis can vary but the most common ones are stiffness or pain in the joints after periods of inactivity. Our orthopedic surgeon can access the severity of a patient's condition and refer them to our diagnostic imaging services, such as X-ray or ultrasound, to come to a full diagnosis. Patients may be treated with a range of options such as medication. Patients may also be referred to our on-site physiotherapists to engage in mobility exercises to alleviate pain. Our facilities feature innovative technologies, such as the anti-gravity treadmill, to assist in patients rehabilitation.